50 By The 25th – Our Family’s Christmas Bucket List

50 By The 25th – Our Family’s Christmas Bucket List

I’ve got the cutest little hand models helping to decide what to do next.

With every passing month and each celebration through the year, my girls have become more and more interested in all things seasonal and holiday related. A great way for us to enjoy celebrating the every day, while still counting down to a long-awaited, highly anticipated holiday (I’m looking at you, Santa!) has been by creating a Bucket List. Or a checklist of seasonally appropriate activities, that as a family, we want to be sure to include in our festivities throughout that particular time of year.

Most of the items on the list are free and fairly basic (i.e. drive around and look at Christmas lights, listen to Christmas music, watch a holiday classic together, etc.), but the utter joy it brings our kids when we ‘complete’ an activity as a family, and then get to check it off; well, that can’t be beat. And that’s really what this whole season is about, right? Taking the time to slow down, with the ones we love the most, to relish being fully in the moment.

Today I’m sharing with you 50 By The 25th – Our Family’s Christmas Bucket List (down below, just ‘right click’ to save it) that we’ve created this year. The list includes 50 activities that your family can enjoy doing together this Christmas season. Print the list, hang it on your fridge, and cross each item off as you go, or use it as a starting point and come up with your own list together as a family.  Merry Christmas to you & yours!

With sincerest love,

The Runkle Family

P.S. Did I miss anything? What activities you would have added or skipped?

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