Take a look at some of these awesome examples of Kiddo Keepsakes below!

So, How Do I Create These Keepsakes With My Kiddos?

Below are 4 easy steps and some helpful tips & tricks to create your own Kiddo Keepsakes!


Pick a Keepsake to Personalize

Choose a card you want to create. We suggest using your kiddo’s handprint to make the flamingo body. Your child’s footprint makes a great Christmas tree, and fingerprints are perfect for creating small markings like finishing off the watermelon seeds, pizza, peas, donut sprinkles, cactus, or grapes.


Customize Your Card

Select one of the six included paint colors you’d like to stamp with. Using the supplied foam brush, apply paint to your kiddo’s hand/foot/finger. With your assistance, let your kiddo finish off the artwork using their tiny prints. Feel free to let your little artist further decorate their creations with the included googly eyes and additional drawings.


Finishing Off Your Masterpiece

Make sure to allow your personalized cards to dry at least an hour before handling. Don’t forget to help your little artist sign their name and age on the back of their creation!


Share Your Keepsake

Your keepsake is now ready to be mailed and shared with a loved one in the supplied envelope. Don’t forget to share your keepsake with us on social media using #mykiddokeepsake!

— Tips —

  • You may want to try a few practice stamps on a scratch piece of paper before stamping your first card.
  • As most parents of littles know, baby wipes are great for cleaning up most any mess!  This project is no exception! Baby wipes are perfect for easily wiping paint off hands, feet & fingers and make for a very simple clean up.
  • Take some artistic liberties! If your kiddo’s hand or foot doesn’t fit on a card, try stamping their tiny fingerprints to make a tree shape or flamingo body instead.
  • If you’re stamping with a very young kiddo, make sure they’re comfortable – putting your infant in a highchair or bounce seat can be helpful when stamping feet and hands. Bring the card right up to them instead of bringing their foot down to the card.
  • Roll the foot! Roll your kiddo’s foot as you help them stamp it from one direction to the other rather than approaching it head on. This ensures a cleaner and more precise stamp without missing that tiny baby toe or those tiny little foot creases!
  • Embrace those imperfections!  There is something wonderfully perfect about tiny fingers and toes.  Don’t worry if the stamps aren’t perfect, they’re perfectly imperfect.