Father’s Day Flip Flops

Father’s Day Flip Flops

Last year to celebrate my husband’s first Father’s Day as our new family of 4, I wanted to do something special for him. It was important to me that the gift was truly from the girls (as much as it could be) and not from me.  At the time Daphne was just 2 weeks old and Delaney 17 months.  I decided the best way to do that was capitalized on their tiny precious features in paint, in a place their Daddy would get to see & enjoy it often.  After brainstorming a few days, here’s what we came up with:

A little paint, some quality leather flip flops and one of each of my tiny artists’ perfect petite prints inside the correct corresponding sandal, and voila!  A gift I knew would appeal to the sentimental side of the girl’s dad, as well as his love for functional gifts (is that a dad thing??), and something I knew the girls would take pride in having made for him.

This gift was a hit and has continued to be over a year later.  The way to my guy’s heart is function and his little girls, so this gift hit all the right marks for him.

If you’re going to do this, here are a couple quick & helpful hints:

  1. Choose a quality leather sandal. – These particular flip flops were fairly inexpensive and came from Target (I believe they were about $22). The leather sole made for a porous surface that really helped the paint adhere well.  The better the paint sticks to the surface the longer lasting foot impression will be.
  2. Do a couple practice stamps. – My girls were very young when we did this (just 2 weeks & 17 months) so stamping wasn’t as easy as with them as it is with children a tad older.  But it isn’t impossible!  What I found worked best for me, was to stamp the baby while she sat comfortably in her bouncy seat and the toddler in her high chair. Then before placing their foot on the sandal I did a handful of practice stamps on a scratch piece of paper
  3. Roll the foot! –Roll your kiddo’s foot as you help them stamp it from one direction to the other rather than bring it straight down. This ensures a cleaner and more precise stamp without missing that tiny baby toe or those tiny little foot creases!
  4. Embrace imperfections! – It’s what makes this gift perfectly imperfect.  Resist the urge to redo it.  You’ll have more detail if you don’t try to cover a mistake with a re-stamped second layer of paint.

Did you do this activity? How’d it go? Be sure to share it and tag it #fathersdayflipflops

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